10 Best Street Food Sanctuaries in Bangkok

Street food
One of the best places to test out this diverse array of culinary street fare in the Land of Smiles is Bangkok’s street stalls and food markets.

10 Best Street Food Sanctuaries in Bangkok

Bangkok’s street food is among the world’s best, and it is an integral part of the Bangkok experience for visitors. Bangkok’s street food comes in a wide range of forms and flavors, from small carts to roadside shophouses to local markets. You’ll be amazed by the array of cuisines, both Thai and international, sold by local vendors and the prices are very reasonable.
There are many places around Bangkok where you can enjoy street food, but here are our top ten places to visit.

Khao San Road
A handful of street foods pop up everywhere you look on Khao San Road.

1. Khao San Road

Khao San Road is a haven for foreign tourists, offering a variety of inexpensive lodgings and stalls serving street food. On this 400-metre stretch of road (located in the heart of Bangkok's old town), you will find a wide range of foods, from rice and noodle meals to spring rolls and Pad Thai, as well as fried bugs.
The nearby Soi Rambuttri is another great spot for some great street food and drinks at a reasonable price. This area is the best choice if you want to eat and drink without the loud music and festivities of Khao San Road.

Victory monument street food
The Victory Monument area of Bangkok is one of the best places to eat in the city.

2. Victory Monument

Bangkok’s Victory Monument is a major transportation hub as well as a good spot for street food. You’ll find a wide range of restaurants, street vendors, and snacks nearby on adjacent streets.
Victory Monument’s best known street food is ‘Boat noodle’, a Thai style noodle that famously boasts a strong spice flavor and it is named after it was made and sold on a boat.

3. Yaowarat

Yaowarat, or Chinatown, is one of Bangkok's oldest neighborhoods and a true paradise for street food enthusiasts.
This historic district is renowned for seafood and Chinese-inspired meals like Chicken Satay, noodles with fishball, Kuay Jup (Chinese noodle soup with crispy pork), Khao Pad Pu (Fried rice with crab meat), Pa Tong Go (Fried dough), traditional Thai-Chinese desserts. Some of these dishes are rated by Michelin Guide Thailand, so be prepared for a long line if you want to try them.
Yaowarat has a lot of food all day, but it gets more exciting and fun after dark when many restaurants and stalls are still open later at night.


Street food


4. JODD Fairs

Formerly known as Train Night Market Ratchada, it was one of the most popular night shopping areas among tourists and locals. It closed during the COVID situation, now the market has returned to its business but has been relocated from Ratchada to Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 area, with a new name “JODD Fairs”.
Famous for its trendy retro vibe where you can shop for vintage products and hipster clothes, this market is also one of the best places to eat and drink. Selections range from local Thai dishes to international favorites like Mala BBQ skewers, grilled beef steaks, Takoyaki, and seafood buckets.
The market is clean, affordable, and of high quality, making it an excellent place for first-time visitors to explore Thai street food.

Silom street food
Silom Soi 20 in Bangkok is a great place for non-Thai-speaking folks to give authentic Thai street food a shot.

5. Silom Soi 20

Soi Prachum Market or Talad Wat Kheak is located in Silom Soi 20 (Silom 20 Alley), a historic and commercial neighborhood of Bangkok where various cultures live side-by-side.
Across the street, you will find a variety of street foods that reflect the multicultural atmosphere, from Thai-Chinese cuisine, Muslim curries to Indian influences – such as Khao Moo Grob (Rice with crispy pork), Roasted Duck with Rice, Massaman Curry, chicken biryani, Pad Thai, Som Tam, Spring Rolls to traditional Thai sweets and desserts.
Most stalls and restaurants are open throughout the day, but if you wish to experience local morning markets, you should visit between 6 and 10 a.m.

Street food
Bangrak is one of the biggest day-time street food markets in Bangkok.

6. Bangrak

Not far from Silom Soi 20, there is another well-known street food area near Saphan Taksin BTS station and Robinson Department Store Bangrak. You will find several local food stalls on roadsides and hidden in small alleys, many of which have been open for more than 30 years and are still popular among the locals.
Among the most popular foods are rice porridge, roast duck, crispy pork, Khao Kha Mu (rice with pork leg stew), green curry chicken with roti, and many more.

Street food
You can get everything from noodles, rice, fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of snacks in this place primarily in the evening.

7. Petchaburi Soi 5

Petchaburi Soi 5 is another popular street food destination where you can enjoy a wide range of delicious food and a local community vibe which gives you that authentic street food experience.
You may eat here all day long, but the street is most lively during the evening after 5 p.m. There are plenty of food choices, including noodles, grilled meat skewers, seafood, curries, grilled sausages, and more. If you're a Tom Yam fan or would like to try authentic Tom Yam, you should head to Pe Aor, a local restaurant nearby.
Petchaburi Soi 7, which is close by, has a Muslim community, so you can try Halal stalls and restaurants there.

Street food
A short distance from BTS Talat Phlu, in Bangkok, you'll find a long street absolutely loaded with heavenly food stalls.

8. Talat Phlu

Talat Phlu is a classic Bangkok street food sanctuary. There are a number of skilled street food vendors that serve some of the best food in Bangkok.
Some famous dishes of this market include Gui Chai Tod (Fried Chinese chive dumpling), Mee Krob (fried rice noodles), beef noodles and Kanom Bueng Yuan (Thai Crispy omelet).

9. Ban Tad Thong

Talat Phlu is a classic Bangkok street food sanctuary. There are a number of skilled street food vendors that serve some of the best food in Bangkok.
Some famous dishes of this market include Gui Chai Tod (Fried Chinese chive dumpling), Mee Krob (fried rice noodles), beef noodles and Kanom Bueng Yuan (Thai Crispy omelet).


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10. Ari

In recent years, the Ari neighborhood has become one of Bangkok’s most exciting places to eat and drink. You can find a variety of delicious street foods as well as a wide range of upmarket restaurants and cool cafes offering a variety of cuisines that match your taste and feelings.
Some incredible street food in this area includes Kuay Jup, Khao Man Gai (chicken rice), rice gruel, Som Tam and Southern Thai cuisine.

If you are new to Thai street food and not sure what to try, you can read from our “10 Mouthwatering Thai Street Foods” and “How To Eat Thai Food Like Thai People” to help you enjoy Thai street food more.